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5 Reroot Tool Needles

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5 Reroot Tool Needles Summary

5 Pre-cut replacement needle for the Re-Root Tool :)

To fix your broken tool, remove the snapped needle from the handle using some pliers. Then, with a dab of strong glue, pop the new needle into place.

Leave to set for 24 hours and then you are ready to go!

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Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
A good buy - Emma - 29 April 2014
I ordered these from MLC to replace my broken needles ASAP, as the american based doll hair site is way too slow for me. While they are very short, they serve their purpose and for someone who is on a tight budget they are great!

3 product stars
Whoops! - Rosie again - 22 June 2012
When I said 5 reroot TOOLS I meant NEEDLES!

3 product stars
Just to Say - Rosie - 22 June 2012
To those who think their saving money by buying the 5 reroot tools instead of the reroot tool, think again! These weeny needles are barley even 1 cm long!